Barcelona & Co. is a pet lifestyle brand, dedicated to creating content and products (coming soon!) that contribute to a happy, healthy, and pawsitive life. 


Barcelona, or "Barça" as we called her, was rescued from a ruff life on the streets in rural South Carolina before moving north to her forever home in southern Connecticut.  She was incredibly shy and fearful of everything, but with lots of affection and attention, we showed her how to love life.

At almost two-years-old, Barça was diagnosed with a rare, malignant, and incurable form of spinal sarcoma.  We were devastated but not defeated and with radiation therapy and chemotherapy, we enjoyed six more months with Barça before she passed away on February 25, 2016.  Up to her very last moment, Barça maintained a pawsitive outlook on life and was determined to make the very best of the time that she had.  She is immensely loved and sorely missed.  


Barcelona and Company

I'm Katelyn, Barça and Inca's doting fur mama. After losing Barça to cancer, I founded Barcelona & Company in early May 2016 as a way to cope and to draw attention to causes close to my heart: animal homelessness, special needs pets, and canine cancer.  I not only write and edit all of Barcelona & Co.'s content, but am also a super-dedicated puppy mom and researcher/writer for an architecture firm.  I co-pawrents my pups with the world's greatest pawther and partner of several years, Carlos. Paws down, my greatest joy and accomplishment is being Barça and Inca's mom. 


Barcelona and Company: Inca

 Inca joined our pack in late May 2016 at five-months-young.  A rescue pup [coincidentally also] from South Carolina, Inca is a lovable goofball who just happens to be visually impaired (but you'd never know it)!  She has a vivacious spirit and is the pawfect companion for all of our adventures. We love Inca to pieces!


Barcelona & Co. shares Barça, Inca, Katelyn, and Carlos' stories to inspire pets and their parents to lead pawsitive, love-filled lives.