A New Chapter

Before Barcelona & Company went live, I wrote several articles (which I have yet to post) and in doing so, believed that I fully prepared myself to update this site consistently despite the foreseeable writing obstacles:  the difficulty of verbalizing raw and sad memories, a possible lack of constant inspawration, and the general busy-ness of my daily life, to name a few.  I did not, however, plan for trying to concentrate on doing… well, anything while the staccato squeals of an oversized, plush purple frog blared in my ear.  I did not consider the possibility of the presence of the tiny creature from whose mouth the frog limply hung, nor the all-consuming love and devotion I would feel toward her.  I had not anticipated Inca.

Bone Jour and Bone Appetit: Welcome Home Inca!

Like most adoptions, we had advance notice, since we were, after all, the ones initiating the process: we applied to adopt Inca, completed the phone interview, and arranged to meet her.  However, as the date neared, I questioned our emotional preparedness, wondering if we'd be able to love Inca as much as she deserved or if she'd always live in the shadow cast on our lives by the untimely and heartbreaking loss of Barça.  I almost canceled the meeting out of nerves, but fortunately, couldn't bring myself to do so.  Still, I didn't get my hopes too high that it would work out, although I felt that I at least owed it to myself -- and the rescue (especially after reviewing and fact-checking the epic application they had us fill out!)  to see this meeting through.  To my great surprise, Inca brought with her a happiness and love that I was previously unsure I'd ever know again. Every day over the past week since adopting Inca has been so full and wonderful just from having her in it, and it is with great pride that we introduce the newest member of our pack. We are so excited to share our adventures with you and will be back to a regular blogging schedule shortly!